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e-Learning Solutions and Two-Way HD Delivery Mechanism for Teachers & Students

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About eLSDM

JNTUH is proud to announce the launch of the "e-Learning Solutions and Two-Way HD Delivery Mechanism for Teachers & Students (eLSDM)" initiative that is being implemented as part of the University's vision of achieving academic excellence. The eLSDM initiative is an ambitious and first of its kind initiative undertaken by an Indian technological University that is aimed to address the challenges faced by the colleges in their teaching and learning efforts.

eLSDM is a scalable technology driven solution consisting of University approved high quality engineering eLearning courseware that can be delivered through multi-mode: be it a LAN setup, through the internet or by using a traditional or modern conferencing setup. eLSDM empowers the faculty and students across its colleges by providing them with rich teaching and self-learning resources that will help to enrich teaching, standardize classroom pedagogy, improve the students' performance in academics and have positive impact on overall University academic outcomes. eLSDM will also help colleges to best utilize available infrastructure to create a positive image amongst students, faculty and the industry.

Colleges willing to practice collaborative teaching-learning possibilities like, utilizing the services of eminent academicians and researchers across its affiliated colleges and other national and international academia, special lectures by industry experts and HR interactions can do so with absolute ease by establishing a Two-way HD Delivery Mechanism.

eLSDM initiative comprises of two parts namely,

  • Two-way HD Delivery Mechanism, and
  • Engineering E-learning Courseware.

The University's aim through eLSDM is to leverage technology to achieve the following:

  • Deliver expert faculty lectures through a Two-Way HD conferencing system to its constituent and all its affiliated colleges
  • Enable the University and its colleges with a robust facility to interact with Industry experts, eminent persons/academicians, facilitate industry endorsed certificate programs & foreign university programs and conduct HR interactions etc.,
  • Provide high quality engineering eLearning courseware that will help in standardizing classroom sessions delivered across colleges
  • Enhance the faculty effectiveness in classroom pedagogy
  • Provide effective and scientifically designed outcome based teaching and learning resources to the faculty and students
  • Address the varying student learning abilities in a classroom

eLSDM Implementation Plan:

  • Central studio has been setup in JNTUH Campus with all necessary tools and facilities to broadcast live HD conference sessions and other value added programs
  • Deploy ‘Engineering eLearning Courseware’ on LAN / Online for use by faculty to enhance their classroom pedagogy and for self study by students.
  • Establish remote studio setup with necessary infrastructure at colleges to enable collaborative teaching and learning. The colleges through this setup can broadcast/participate in live HD conference sessions conducted by the University (optional and need based)

For Faculty

  • Availability of multi-media rich (i.e., Content, Animations, Images and Quiz) teaching resources as per the syllabus
  • Enables proper time management leading to enhanced productivity
  • Contribute to active classroom Teaching-Learning environment
  • Enables proper planning before delivering the session in the classroom
  • Provision to add content, author questions, and conduct quizzes/tests
  • Can deliver lectures through the HD conferencing system and the same can be recorded and archived for future reference or use by faculty and students

For Student

  • Access to quality self learning and assessment resources
  • Enhances retention of concepts and their performance in academic
  • Access to faculty uploaded content/resources
  • Access to content in the college LAN
  • 24x7 access to content over Internet
  • Participation in Live Expert Sessions

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